Personal Taxes done Professionally


Top 10 changes for 2018 Taxes

1. Standard deduction increase
2. No more personal exemption deductions
3. Child tax credit increase
4. Credit for other dependents aka family credit
5. No deducting investment fees
6. Moving expenses included as income
7. Moving expenses are no longer deductible except for military members
8. Alimony not included as income nor deducted
9. SALT deduction limitations
10. Reservist travel expenses

Tax Season is here.

Although doing your own taxes may sound appealing and more  affordable, it can sometimes cost you thousands of dollars.   On-line  tax services and do-it-yourself software works for some people but not  for everyone.   It's not always a one size fits all solution.  The best  way to avoid losing money and making a big error on your taxes, is to  come in for a free consultation.  Don't lose out on what's owed to you  this year, give us a call to schedule an appointment and MAXIMIZE YOUR  REFUND today.


-Tax Preparation
-Personal 1040, 1040A, 1040ez, 1040NR
-Earned Income Credit Returns (EIC)
-1099-C Cancellation of Debt
-Affordable Care Act (Obama Care)
-Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments
-Past Tax Returns
-Out of State Returns
-Amended 2000 Assistance-IRS TAX NOTICE
-Tax Planning and Forecasting
-Year Round Service
-Competitive Rates

Customer Feedback

Highly recommended!  Pinnacle Tax has prepared my income taxes for 10+ years. They provide excellent and accurate service and unlike many services are available year round for all your tax inquiries and needs.

Specifically, Pinnacle Tax has assisted me with the complications of living and working outside of the USA and still maintaining a home and paying taxes in the USA.