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Individual and Business Tax Preperation in Northglenn Colorado

Mistake Free?

Call Pinnacle Tax to help you avoid all of the below common mistakes and  maximize your refund.  Most people don't even know that they are making  these mistakes..

Top 10 Common Mistakes for Tax Preparation:

1.  Using an Online Tax Prep Program
 2.  Not Keeping Good Records
​ 3.  Not Reporting all your Income
​ 4.  Not Contributing to Retirement Plans that Provide a Tax Benefit
 ​5.  Not Taking Advantage of your Companies "Cafeteria Plan"
 ​6.  Failing to Itemize when you qualify 
​ 7.  Missing out on Tax Credits
 ​8.  Not Filing as Early as Possible when you're due a Refund
 9.  Not Checking for Clerical Errors
10. Failing to Plan