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2018 Tax Changes

All of our tax preparers are accountants  with extensive tax backgrounds and are registered with the IRS.

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The Key Points

For years we have delivered quality Accounting and Tax  services throughout the Metro Denver Area, always with our client’s best  interests in mind.   Don't make the mistake of doing your taxes alone.  While  self-preparing returns is cheaper, a tax professional can end up saving  you thousands in missed deductions.  With Pinnacle Tax preparing your  return, you will get peace of mind knowing that

Tax Preparation. Are you ready to file?

All of our tax preparer's are professional accountants  with extensive tax backgrounds and are registered with the IRS under the PTIN program, with one also being a former State of Colorado Tax  Examiner.

We made it a point to keep up with the  latest tax law updates (Affordable Care Act) and extensions or  elimination of tax cuts to ensure that you take full advantage of all  the credits and deductions that are available to you. Our Accountants  are professional, knowledgeable and eager to help with all your tax  inquiries. Schedule an appointment today to learn how we can minimize  your tax bill and get you the biggest refund possible in the shortest  amount of time.

Tax Professionals

Pinnacle Taxes is an Authorized IRS E-FILE provider and all of our agents are PTIN certified with the IRS.

We also specialize in dealing with past IRS and State  taxes. We can help settle past debts or reduce the amount that you owe.  We can help stop the IRS from taking further adverse action against  you.